About: Rosemary & Ramsey

There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.” ― Jack Kerouac, On the Road

If you found our website through our instagrams, you most likely have a general idea of what were about. If not, let us introduce ourselves. We are Rosemary Kunigan & Ramsey Romano, we grew up on opposite sides of the same country (New York & California), we met in San Diego while during Rosemary’s 2nd year of living in California. Ramsey grew up quite the traveler, as an elite baseball player, frequently moving around the country to play on different teams. Rosemary grew up in a small town on the edges of Rochester, New York, itching to get out and see the world. During middle school, Rosemary began to teach herself photography, & drafted a plan to move out west, & her dream to become a professional photographer was born.

"I started this website as a blog in 2013 when I first began photography and writing. I called it "Palm Trees & Gypsys" to represent the place I love & the woman I wanted to become. I've thought about changing it a few times but then I always remember that this website name is unapologetically me. I am a lover of warm, sunny places and feeling free. A gypsy in a land of palm trees with dreams that stretch to California & beyond..." -Rosemary Kunigan

At the time we fell in love, Rosemary had been living in California for exactly a year. She was in love with her new home, but longed for more adventure & didn’t know where to find it. Ramsey was playing baseball at Long Beach State at the time & we took a chance on starting a relationship that separated us by a two hour drive. It was that year, the two hours back and forth & back in forth, that we fell in love with being on the road. Home became wherever we were together, and that was the beginning of everything. Our dreams evolved into not only succeeding in professional baseball and photography, but seeking adventure, growing together, and becoming the purest, happiest, & most free version of ourselves.

For months, Ramsey learned photography & we launched our Talent & Creative services professionally, this time, together. Ramsey is currently at Spring Training for baseball & Rosemary is in Southern California finishing her college degree and working as a freelance model, photographer, & content creator. Within the next two months, we plan on buying a Retro RV to live, travel, & work remotely during the summer, following wherever baseball takes Ramsey, Modeling takes Rosemary, & wherever photography takes us both.

We hope that this blog can help our instagram following can see past only photos we create for our career, and deeper into the life we live & the people we strive to be. As human beings, life happens to all of us, & as we get older, we naturally begin to doubt things in our life and the truths we used to believe. We hope to inspire you to forget what you’ve been told and remember that three fundamental things still exist, true love, freedom & the ability to chase your dreams.